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3M Company

Carrier Tape, Engineering Plastics & Compounds, Bags

Arkema Inc

2000 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103-3222
Product Information Center:

Pebax® polymer - A hydrophilic antistatic additive

Asahi Kasei



Distributor of Engineering and Consumer Plastics


100 Bayer Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15205-9741

Plastics Additives

Contact H.C. Stark Corp.

Baystat Packaging for semiconductors, printed circuit boards, disk drives and other sensitive electronic parts

Cabot Corp

 Plastics & Compounds
Ciba Specialty Chemicals  Permanent antistatic agent for thermoplastic polymers
CoorsTek Engineering Plastics
Coroplast Coroplast's main product is corrugated plastic sheet

Carbon Nanotechnologies

 Plastics & Compounds
Conductive Plastics Company  
Dupont Crastin® PBTEngineering Plastics
DSM Engineering  Plastics & Compounds
Ex-Tech Plastics Ex-Tech Plastics produces three types of static dissipative sheets
Fruth Custom Plastics  

GE Plastics®

Engineering Plastics & Compounds
Goex Thin Sheet Material
Geotech Chemical Company  
Hyperion Catalysis Vapor Grown Carbon Nonotubes
HMS Compounds Thin Sheet Carbon Based Material
IPF IPF static dissipative  products include: PVC, PET, PETG, HDPE, SHEET AND ROLL STOCK.
ITW Richmond  
Integral Integral has developed an innovative, electrically-conductive resin-based material called “ElectriPlast®”. The company currently holds 3 U.S. patents, 54 utility patents pending around its ElectriPlast technology

Intrinsic Dissipative Polymers



IDP materials & IPE polymers
Keaco, Inc Carrier Tape and SMD Reels

Klockner Pentaplast

Klockner Pentaplast® film deliver superior static control, unmatched physical protection, and the convenience of a single, puncture-resistant package.


 Plastics & Compounds
Kostat Thin Sheet Material

Kreha Corporation of America

 Plastics & Compounds
LATI Industria Termoplastici SpA Specialty Thermoplastic Compounds including ESD and conductive
LNP Engineering Plastics & Compounds

Modern Dispersions


9911 Brecksville Road
Cleveland, OH 44141-3247

Stat-Rite® Inherently Static Dissipative Alloy extruded sheet and compounds and Stat-Tech conductive resins

Ormecon Chemie

Premix Engineering Plastics & Compounds
RTP Company Engineering Plastics & Compounds
Pac Foam  
Pacur Thin Sheet Material, Coated Static Dissipative
Panipol Ltd  
PEAK Intl Thin Sheet Material, Injection Molding
Plastics International Distributor who specializes in high performance plastic

Port Plastics

Distributor of Engineering and Consumer Plastics


Stat-Tech® Electrically Conductive Compounds

Professional Plastics, Inc.

Distributor of Engineering and Consumer Plastics
PurePlast Inc. Mfgr of PVC / PET Films. A Division of Tekni-Plex Inc
Quadrant Engineering Plastics

Semitron® ESd 225, Copolymer acetal, static dissipative, extruded
 Semitron® ESd 410C (CM), Polyetherimide, static dissipative, compression molded
Semitron® ESd 420 Polyetherimide, static dissipative, compression molded
 Semitron® ESd 420 V Polyetherimide, static dissipative, compression molded
Semitron® ESd 480, Polyetheretherketone, static dissipative, extruded
 Semitron® ESd 520HR (CM), Polyamide-imide, static dissipative, compression molded


Engineering Plastics (Semitron®)


Spartech Thin Sheet Material Manufacturer

Ultros ®ESD

Static Intercept® State of the Art Plastics for Protection from Static and  Atmospheric Degradation
Solvay SD Vespel®, Torlon®
SiCron Coated PC and Acrylic Sheets
SDC Technologies Coating Material
Saint Gobain

Markets trusted brands such as: Tygon®, Sil-Med®, Synflex®, Chemfluor® Thermalbond®, Norton®,

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics

Source Plastics

Distributor of Engineering and Consumer Plastics

Teknor Apex

Terra Universal Distributor of Engineering and Consumer Plastics
Victrex Engineering Plastics, PEEK
VPI  Plastics & Compounds
Westlake Plastics Manufacturer of high performance thermoplastics
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Thermoformed Packaging

Electrically active plastics to expand to 240.3 million pounds by 2011 BBC Reports. Source  Nikki Asia Online. Jan 16, 2006



Polyethylene, A family of thermoplastic resins obtained by polymerizing the gas ethylene [C2H4].


Polyvinyl Chloride,Polyvinyl chloride is produced from its monomer, vinyl chloride (chemical formula CH2=CHCl). PVC is a hard plastic that is made softer and more flexible by the addition of plasticizers, the most widely used being phthalates .(


Polyamide, A polyamide is a polymer containing monomers joined by peptide bonds. They can occur both naturally, examples being wool and silk, and can be made artificially, examples being Nylon and Kevlar(


Polystyrene, Polystyrene is a polymer made from the monomer styrene, a liquid hydrocarbon that is commercially manufactured from petroleum. At room temperature, polystyrene is normally a solid thermoplastic, but can be melted at higher temperature for molding or extrusion, then resolidified. Styrene is an aromatic monomer, and polystyrene is an aromatic polymer.(


Polyethylene, Polyethylene or polyethene is an engineering thermoplastic heavily used in consumer products. Its name originates from the monomer ethene used to create the polymer. In the polymer industry the name is sometimes shortened to PE. The ethene molecule (known almost universally by its non-IUPAC name ethylene), C2H4 is CH2 = CH2, Two CH2 connected by a double bond, (


Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene,


Polymethyl Methacrylate

Thermosetting Materials

Reinforced Plastics








Unsaturated Polyesters




Electronic Polymers, Inc. ... defining the next generation of ESD protection for Silicon, PCB’s and connectors


Premix Thermoplastics Introduces New Conductive and Static Dissipative Polyacetal (POM) Compounds

    Milton, WI ­ (December 8, 2005) Premix Thermoplastics, Inc., a custom compounder of specialty electrically conductive thermoplastic compounds, has introduced a full line of conductive and static dissipative compounds based on copolymer polyacetal (POM). These compounds offer the excellent chemical resistance, toughness and low coefficient of friction of polyacetal while providing ESD protection.  The new compounds are colorable and available
with or without fiberglass reinforcement

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