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Society's and Organizations


Societies, Associations, and Committees

bulletESDSIVA - Silicon Valley EOS/ESD Society
bulletSociety of the Plastics industry
bulletCanadian Plastics Industry
bulletAIP - American Institute of Physics
bulletAmerican Plastics Council
bulletSematech International
bulletThe Electrostatics Society of America (ESA)
bulletIEEE - Computer Society
bulletOSA - Optical Society of America
bulletAAAI-American Association for Artificial Intelligence
bulletAmerican Electronics Association
bulletEIA - Electronics Industry Association
bulletIEEE- The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
bulletIEEE's Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology (CPMT) Society
bulletIPC - The Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits
bulletISO - International Organization for Standardization
bulletJEDEC - Joint Electron Device Engineering Committee (EIA)
bulletMCC- Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation
bulletNational Association of Purchasing Management
bulletSTC - Semiconductor Technology Center
bulletSMEMA - Surface Mount Equipment Manufacturers Association
bulletSMTA - Surface Mount Technology Association
bulletSEMI- Semiconductor Equipment and Materials
bulletThe Semiconductor Assembly Council

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ESD Association  

North West Chapter of the ESD Association

Mid-West Chapter of ESD Association

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